Reminiscing on 2017

Thanksgiving and Christmas may be over, but we are still feeling festive. We are still celebrating because over 50 years in the business we not only have over 20 locations but also amazing clients. In the past 50 years, there has been a significant increase in the need for hearing services. Hearing, being a fairly new and growing area of study, makes us value our client feedback that much more.  Here is a testimony from Barbara who recently obtained her hearing instruments in August 2017:


“My greatest and most joyful was on a flight home to Atlanta; you know it’s one of the most difficult places for a hard of hearing person and my greatest fear…the airport, all the buzzing and blinking going on, really scary when you cannot understand what’s being said.


All that being said my new hearing instrument changed all that.  I flew alone and had a layover, but left my bag unattended to use the restroom.  Low and behold I heard security call “unattended black and white zebra bag!”  Oh my God, I heard them loud and clear from the restroom…that was my bag.


My new ears, probably saved me from being arrested in Washington, DC.


I was elated through it all because I could hear”


As 2018 is starting, we cannot wait for more testimonies like Ms. Barbara’s!


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